quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

thank you mrs shiny

she doesnt shine
she lights up the sky:
her smile
is enough to purify the world.
she is the work
where some other stupid god
or maybe an artist?
deposited some more effort
and thus
came she
this perfectness, this beauty.
the sky rains
for her.
at night,
stars cry
when they see her
and stars die
when she sees them.

she is utmost perfection
when she walks
the world turns a bit more
just to feel
that it is walking with her.
and the world is envious
and the stars are envious.
i dont know why:
i don't know if they want
her beauty
or if they want
to touch
such beauty.

but stars cry
when they see her
they are far
they can't touch
and they get the poorest of glimpses.

and the world dies
every time she falls
every time she jumps
every time she moves
the world dies
from her touch
the one touch
that stars would also
die for.

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