terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013


a soothing breeze runs from the free
all in all: the end: near
the taste buds alter it's feel
the everlasting bitter piece is here

no eyes to be filled: no sorrow
let the moon blaze through; tomorrow
a new day shall rize to abide
by the sun: oh mighty ruler oh

can one conquer it's own will
can one conquer it's own thoughts
can one conquer it's own heart
can one conquer it's own fear

most delusional stupidity
one face to be filled with light: a fire
too much too strong: blasphemy
oh sun glorious sun
    forgive us for we have failed
    forgive us for we have loved
    forgive us oh sun oh ruler of all
to this day no forgiveness was asked
for the true ruler the one true power
    forgive me, myself
    forgive me, for I have failed
    drowning in fear and delusion
    abiding to a god so no-existent
    a god of death - the end in all
    forgive me for I could not see
    the power invested in me.

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