domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Bye, for now

I am pretty sure that
The pitch black darkness - total darkness
Is covering your eyes.

Don't wander around my thoughts too much
As i sit by your side
My now gone friend and
Wonder about what you might have done

This was the most unnatural conclusion.
I was sure
No story should have been written like this.
For god - or whatever else! - what pen did you pick?

Your pain is now gone - of that
I am most certain.
But the pain you brought - your demise
Is the demise of those that loved.

Loved you.
I can't write that I did enjoy you too much
For I did not.
You were that which I wasn't.

Don't mistake this with hate
Hate doesn't have the privilege of my poetry.
And there is nothing to relate to myself
- My words think the pain that others feel.

I know there is a pitch black darkness in your eyes
For the whole of eternity.
I hope you have seen enough when your eyes were wide open.

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