sábado, 14 de junho de 2014


They caress hearts with brains not-found
404 error to those who are bound
The wheel the chair and everything else
And moving seems unfair in this madness.

Sickness runs on young faces
Brought demise bought demise by fakes
The ones who think they bestow authority
Authority no god was ever given.

god doesn't deserve a capital letter
As far as I am concerned
Your name is the one written with a capital letter

And god can only be written that way
If god is you
And if you are not good and not willing

If you are depressive oppressive and non-fulfilling
Then maybe the god you are is not shining brightly enough
Then maybe you are bound to a minor god
And that god is not you

Go for something greater!
Go! For your own thoughts your own reasons your own way!
The god you are is the god your name exclaims!
Proclaim your name!

                       But never forget
                       Be the fulfilling god
                       That after enlightenment
                       Brings enlightenment
                       Not only for a few
                       But if possible,

For the World.

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